Low End Modular


Crosstalk Piano

Next-generation piano

Low End Strings

Hybrid Orchestral Strings

Tobias Menguser teamed up with Paul Haslinger, Peter Baumann and an eclectic group of sound explorers to create a platform for the development of next generation Kontakt instruments.


Tobias Menguser, creative mastermind

30 years of sound design experience and work for many of the industry's biggest names

Paul Haslinger, film-composer and electronic artist

ex-Tangerine Dream, Underworld, Halt and Catch Fire, Somewhere Boy, Exit Ghost

Peter Baumann, electronic artist

ex-Tangerine Dream, Neuland

There will be a total of 10 “rooms” of instruments (one room is one series) during the next few years, each built based on a unique combination of sound design and performance.

The goal for all our instruments is to provide tools for the production-oriented writing that has become the reality not just in film- and media-scoring, but in music production in general. Instruments and studio techniques combined into a real time performance oriented interface. Deep customization features combined with an easy learning curve design.

We will share “behind the scenes” information about exciting future projects, videos and photos with you, even before the instrument releases themselves!